Looking at the familiar

In what feel like new and overwhelming times, it can be helpful to look at the familiar. Here are five articles from the Living Abroad blog that are as useful now as they were on their dates of publication, before the pandemic:

What You Should Know: Emergency Readiness offers a checklist of things you can do now, whether you are at home or abroad, to smooth processes in many kinds of emergencies.

With so much interaction occurring at long distances, cross-cultural communication skills are more important than ever. “Good morning, Mr. Morris.” “Hi, Julien.” looks at the challenges global communicators face, and the opportunities that cultural agility provides.

Streaming media use is at an all-time high, and many new services are launching this year. Digital Content at Your Fingertips outlines important considerations before buying equipment and clicking the “subscribe” button.

Those who are sheltering in place, or otherwise compelled to purchase goods online, may find some things to think about in Order Items Online around the World.

While global mobility has become more complex and challenging than ever, Voting Whilst Abroad reminds us all that preparation for civic duty should be a part of everyone’s plans.

Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager

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