Attack of the Zombies

While the pandemic has pushed telecommuting and online interaction to all-time highs, another unfortunate Internet activity has also been on the rise: cybercrime.

Criminals exploit COVID-19 fears and our new online reliance with schemes that range from spreading misinformation about the virus to creating e-commerce links to protective gear that capture a victim’s personal information.

What’s more, botnets, zombie computers, IT equipment infected with malware, and viruses are among readily available for criminals to buy and sell. Whether based in technology or social engineering, we need vigilance against cybercrime more than ever.

Here are some protection tips:

•    Only download or install programs/content/apps/add-ons from sources you trust.
•    Do not provide any personal, medical or financial information unless it is via an official channel by a competent authority.
•    Confirm the origin of the source of information you receive.
•    Share only vetted information, and use official sources to keep from spreading scams, false information and messages containing fraudulent links.

As difficult as it may be in the midst of other challenges, we need to pay close attention to what we choose to accept and interact with online.  Fighting cybercrime is everybody’s business — keep yourself safe!

Written by Cathy Heyne, GMS-T, Managing Director