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Are your transferees asking you these questions?

How do I greet someone?
Where will I live?
What clothes should I take?
Do I need insurance?
Is it LGBTQ+ friendly?
What are the local business practices?
Where will my kids go to school?
What’s the food like?
How do I get around?

Assignees and their families have a million things they need to know before moving.

Geography, basic language skills, neighborhoods and schools, transportation, emergency numbers, shopping, transportation, mental health resources, sustainability practices… the details are endless!

On top of all the practical details, they also need to understand social customs, business practices, and cultural nuances so they and their family can thrive.

Until now, you’ve had two options:

  • Spend time answering all their questions when you should be using your time and expertise on things like immigration, finances or housing.
  • Let assignees search the internet and waste hours sifting through outdated, biased information.

What if you gave them access to Living Abroad instead?

We have the answers they need.

Our experienced content team creates balanced reports on nearly every business destination in the world, trusted for more than 35 years by over 400 of the Fortune 1000.

Even when assignees and business travelers don’t know what to ask, you can rely on our experience to inform and prepare them for working and living abroad.

You can count on our reports to be...



Learn about any destination with a custom report. Select your own “just the basics” profile or choose a full 100+page report.



Our reports are updated regularly to save you time while ensuring accuracy.



People traveling for business need different information than tourists. Our content sets business travelers up for success abroad.



Unlike crowdsourced platforms, our curated content is developed with respectful attention to cultural differences.

Here’s how we can help:

Global Business
Travel Center

Preparation for business trips abroad.

Comprehensive destination reports and travel checklist for short-term trips to over 150 countries.

International Relocation Center

Unlimited access to thorough, reliable destination reports for all your transferees and their families

Covering 240+ destinations and 500+ cities, the IRC delivers information trusted by the world’s largest companies to prepare their employees for relocation anywhere.


Online learning platform to help your workforce understand & master cross-cultural collaboration.

Help your global workforce understand their cultural preferences, biases, and blindspots so they can become more culturally agile at home and abroad.

Ensuring successful relocations for three decades.

Moving employees abroad or preparing them for global business trips? We know how complex and exhausting it can be.

That’s why we offer best-in-class destination information and cultural training for the world’s biggest and best companies.

Global mobility experts at 400 of the Fortune 1000, plus dozens of world-class relocation companies, rely on us to give their transferees the latest and most accurate destination information.

With Living Abroad, your people aren’t just informed – they’re prepared.

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Trusted by relocation experts worldwide.

Global Mobility Professionals

Support your assignees and their families with our in-depth, affordable, destination-specific information and cultural learning platform. You’ll save time, and your assignees will be prepared for a smooth and successful relocation.

Corporate Relocation Service Companies

Gathering and maintaining resources on destinations around the world is a big job. Save time and support your clients with your own turnkey destination information portal and cultural learning platform.

Corporate Travel Managers

Get the most out of your international business trips. Support your business travelers with local information and cultural knowledge even before their journey begins.


"We use the Living Abroad International Relocation Center as a primary resource for our international assignees seeking relocation and cultural information. Having such a current and complete site for all of the locations where we do business lets us focus on the company-specific information that only we can provide."
Top Oil & Gas Producer Global Mobility
"With limited resources and an increase in short term assignees, the Living Abroad International Business Traveler website is an important tool we provide our assignees. It provides information they can use preparing for their assignment as while as on the ground information. All employees can benefit from the valuable information Living Abroad provides."
Tricia Danielsen, Director, Global Mobility The Nielsen Company
"By aggregating hard-to-find information and insights that can’t be sourced elsewhere, Living Abroad saves assignees and their families countless hours of unproductive frustration. It’s no stretch to say this would be employee time better spent contributing to the bottom line or other key performance indicators."
Andrew J. Kittell, Director, Corporate Relations ACS International Schools

Ready to start exploring?

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Looking for information on a specific destination? Business protocol for an upcoming trip? Online cultural training? We can help you choose the best resources for the job.

Test it out.

Schedule a demo to see inside the IRC, the Global Business Travel Center and the Online Culture Coach. Or, request a free sample report.

Prepare your team.

Equipped with answers to all their relocation questions, your people will settle in more quickly and easily – making them happier, more productive, and more creative.

Successful relocations start with the International Relocation Center.

With the IRC, your people will show up prepared on Day 1, ready to be their best at home and in the office.

And you don’t even have to lift a finger.

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Wherever the assignee is in the journey, Living Abroad meets them there.

Preparing To Move

As the move gets closer, familiarize yourself with your new destination, secure your housing, enroll your kids in schools, make a healthcare plan, and consider family-specific needs.

Settling In

Fully immerse in the day-to-day life, from understanding local social norms and customs to adjusting to business practices and enjoying everyday activities.

At Home

Before the decision is made and the paperwork begins, understand your destination and the essential steps to prepare for your upcoming relocation.


The first days in a new country can be overwhelming. Get familiar with your transportation and dining options so you can land on your feet.

Returning Home

Understand what is means to repatriate, reflect on your journey and cultural experience, and apply what you’ve learned once back home.

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2 full weeks.
100% FREE.

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