Ask Me Anything: I Am A Living Abroad Content Team Member

Living Abroad’s Content Manager, Erin Fitzgerald, answers top-of-mind questions. What is most enjoyable about your work, and what is most challenging? Much of the time, these are the same things! My colleague Ellen Harris wrote a great post about what it’s like to research, develop, and write content at Living Abroad: What Is Good Content, […] Continue reading… from Ask Me Anything: I Am A Living Abroad Content Team Member

Laughter is the Key to Happiness

People need many things to succeed, like expert support and curated, trusted information. It’s easy to forget that self-care and even a little lightheartedness can also be important. But one national tourist board has been keeping this at the forefront. Two summers ago, Iceland offered the world a valuable service. If you recorded a scream […] Continue reading… from Laughter is the Key to Happiness

Who Doesn’t Need a Move Planner?

Whether we call it “chunking,” “kitchen sinking,” “microproductivity” or something else entirely, the evidence is clear: Breaking down an overwhelming project into manageable tasks can be an excellent way to reduce stress while still ensuring everything gets done. Living Abroad’s International Move Planner is designed to do exactly that. The International Move Planner identifies all […] Continue reading… from Who Doesn’t Need a Move Planner?

Ways Around It

Recent world events have served as a reminder: it’s important to understand safety and security issues you might face before traveling abroad. Monitoring news and advisories for your destination is crucial. A number of countries provide international travel information, and easy access to consulate and mission contact information, and available services for their citizens. Ten […] Continue reading… from Ways Around It

Feeling Creative?  Try this…

What do building a phone app, developing global mobility policies, and even stocking your pantry have in common? All these projects can benefit dramatically from using a structured approach to complete them. At Living Abroad, we’ve begun to talk about what’s next for the International Relocation Center, and we’ve found the structured approach of design […] Continue reading… from Feeling Creative?  Try this…