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  • Hard to find information on 200+ destinations

    Our information is vetted by a team of professional editors, writers, and content managers from around the globe – it is constantly updated to ensure everything is accurate.

  • CULTURE COACH ONLINE - Our new robust cultural learning platform for assignees, spouses/partners, business travelers and global work teams.

    It is designed to prepare users to understand the impact of culture on business and personal relationships, and to learn how to improve their own cultural agility.

  • Global Business Travel Center

    Global Business Travel Center includes detailed information on visa requirements, work permits, and length of stay on over 150 countries plus information on business practices.  Access to this information can be linked to your travel partner and HR department.


    A cloud-based portal that allows administrators to consolidate information, links and forms for use by their assignees and families.

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Living Abroad is committed to supporting those individuals relocating, traveling or working in culturally diverse work teams.

Specifics on hard-to-find information on over 200+ destinations.

Vetted destination reports written for globally mobile professionals.

A robust cultural learning platform plus access to over 150 destinations for specific cultural tips.

Support for business travelers.