Our Mission

Our mission is to empower international employees, their families, and global business travelers with the most comprehensive, accurate, and actionable destination information.

We anticipate future needs and trends, crafting insightful and precisely curated content that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Creating smoother transitions and stronger collaborations.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by people relocating abroad. That’s why we continuously expand our repository of resources, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive, up-to-date guidance and curated resources.

You can trust us to be your proactive, responsive partner dedicated to making a meaningful impact on your organization’s global success. By navigating the complexities of global relocation together, we ensure that your organization and your employees are positioned to thrive in their new environments.

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Our Values


Every day we find ingenious insights and creative solutions, anticipating needs and staying on top of trends.


We work with our clients to solve problems and create new opportunities for global collaboration.


Our goal is nothing less than excellence, striving to exceed expectations in everything we do.


We believe that work should be as enjoyable as it is productive, creating a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates success for our clients and their teams.

Clients often ask us...

The Internet has an overwhelming amount of out-of-date, unreliable information on foreign destinations. Our content is vetted to make sure you’re getting the information you need. Years of experience give us the edge in knowing just where to find certain information.

Likewise, current AI can only draw from the information it has been trained on, which is often vague, incorrect, or outdated. With Living Abroad, you can trust that a relocation expert has compiled the relevant information your assignees need.

Over the past 35 years we have worked closely with companies in many industries, including accounting, broadcasting, computer technology, construction, education, energy, government contracts, hospitality, insurance, payroll, pharmaceuticals, product manufacturers, and many others to support their global mobility goals. 

Any corporation with an international presence can benefit from the International Relocation Center as a resource.  Most of our client companies have a sizable assignee population, but we also work with companies just starting to expand into the international arena. 

A Living Abroad subscription delivers valuable information, resources, and tools to HR teams, Relocation Management Companies and tech platforms supporting globally mobile workers.

Our turnkey, web-based products combine a wealth of knowledge with a thoughtful interface that prepares your workforce for living and working abroad, enhancing business success. Customizable solutions are also available.

For more than 35 years we have partnered with both large Fortune 500 companies and smaller clients, RMCs and global mobility tech companies. Let us help you!

Save Time: Do you get interrupted throughout your day answering assignee questions about issues? Many answers can be found in the International Relocation Center’s country reports.  This resource allows you to use your time more effectively. 

Get Successful Results: Assignees will be better equipped with knowledge that helps the family acclimate, as well as gaining critical information to guide the businessperson’s conduct in the new country. Our clients report an increase in successful, productive relocations.  

Established in 1987, Living Abroad is still the #1 provider of detailed, relevant, easy-to-read, destination-specific reports for over 240 destinations that no other company can match. 

We are the only company that has a dedicated, experienced content team to make sure the information is continually monitored, managed, and expanded to include the topics that matter to you most in this changeable world. 

That means if you are moving employees around the globe or managing business travelers, you can tap into over 35 years of experience, a wealth of trusted information, and an exclusive suite of innovative tools to remove the guesswork from your assignments. 

Meet the team who makes it all happen.

Cathy Heyne, GMS-T


Cathy launched her career in Global Mobility in 1998 at Craighead Publications, which evolved into Living Abroad, where she contributed to the shift to digital resources. 

By 2008, she ascended to Managing Partner and later President, playing a key role in certifying the company as women owned. She also facilitates the New York City Chapter of the Forum for Expatriate Management, bridging corporate communities with industry leaders.

A Civil Engineering graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, Cathy’s passions extend to travel, cultural immersion, and volunteering as an ESL teacher. Her love for dance finds her on dance floors across the globe.


Michael S Cadden, MBA, SGMS-T

Vice President,International Operations

Michael started with Living Abroad’s predecessor, Craighead Publications, in 1995 when clients accessed our country information in print. After joining he helped convert country-specific information to online, at the advent of the Internet. He later became a Managing Partner of Living Abroad LLC in 2002, culminating with the acquisition of the Craighead business in 2008. Posted weekly, X. Pat Moose cartoons began in November 2020. He has been overseeing the popular Moose Passport since its inception in 2004.

He was recognized as a SGMS from the Worldwide ERC along with receiving ERC’s Meritorious Service Award. Education includes Boston University (MBA) and Boston College (BA). Hobbies include travel, volunteering, kayaking and yoga.

Ellen Harris, GMS

Product Manager, Content Group

Ellen started with Living Abroad’s predecessor, Craighead Publications, in 1997 when clients accessed our country information in print. Since then, she has worked on everything from online conversion to content strategy and product expansion. 

With a deep appreciation for the people in the Global Mobility industry, she is passionate about delivering informative, insightful content that makes life easier for transferees and the people who manage them. Ellen has been recognized by the ERC with a Meritorious Service Award for her content contributions. 

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, she is a mother of two and grandmother to twins. Originally from Boston, she is a long-time Connecticut resident with her husband and 12-year-old basset hound.

Nicole Nichols

Executive Assistant

Nicole has been as executive assistant with Living Abroad for more than 10 years. Her expertise in is data management and is detail-oriented and organized, adept at handling various administrative tasks with efficiency. Skilled in providing administrative support to streamline operations, enhance productivity and ensure effective collaboration within the team. She is committed to delivering high-quality work and contributing to the success of projects. Recently she successfully prepared our content to be copyright-protected.

Kate Havas, GMS-T

Content Manager

Kate Havas joined Living Abroad in 2022 after her own fourteen-year expatriate experience in Japan. Her extensive international experience has made her passionate about the global mobility community and given her a keen understanding of what issues arise in a new cultural environment.

In addition to her global background, she has experience in writing and research for a wide variety of audiences, working on materials as diverse as language learning textbooks and music reporting. She values being able to communicate necessary information in a concise, accessible style.

An art history and English graduate of Wesleyan College, she currently lives in North Carolina. Her hobbies include reading, visiting museums, and horseback riding.

Sam Roberts


Sam is an experienced writer skilled in distilling complex concepts into clear, engaging content. With a passion for communication and a keen eye for detail, Sam specializes in editing existing content and incorporating new research, particularly in the areas of sustainability. Leveraging a blend of expertise and creativity, Sam’s writing elevates content to effectively communicate details on living abroad.

Leading the global mobility industry.

Worldwide ERC® is the leading association for talent management and workforce relocation professionals worldwide.

The Forum for Expatriate Management’s (FEM) mission is to distill best practices across regions, industries, and functions while providing valuable networking opportunities for knowledge sharing and program support. Through our multi-platform of content and events, we are able to encourage dialogue and enable mobility professionals to unite, learn, and grow.

EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organization EuRA promotes professional relocation services.

Living Abroad had been a woman-owned business since 2021 when we received the WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) designation. WBENC certification is the most recognized and prestigious certification of its kind. 

Businesses seeking WBENC certification undergo a thorough vetting process to verify that the business is at least 51% woman-owned, operated, and controlled.

In 2023, Living Abroad was honored to receive the EcoVadis Bronze certification, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. 

This achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey, as EcoVadis’ comprehensive evaluation of our ESG approach, policies, actions, and methodologies has distinguished us, placing us within the top 35% of all EcoVadis-certified organizations. 

Dedicated to continual improvement, we are committed to undergoing EcoVadis’ rigorous reassessment annually. Our EcoVadis Bronze certification is more than just an accolade; it’s a testament to our dedication to sustainability, which we proudly share with our clients and partners. This recognition not only validates our efforts but also supports our collective ambition to foster a more sustainable and equitable world.