Twenty you may have missed!

For many, a new year means a new calendar — and a few minutes of writing (or tapping!) important dates into it. But simply copying from last year’s calendar may not give you everything you should note in this year’s, especially if you are globally mobile.  Do you need to also add these to your 2019 calendar?

  • Club meetings
  • Driver’s license renewal
  • Local events and festival dates in a new location
  • Fitness club renewal
  • Frequent flyer points expiration
  • Medical prescription orders
  • Parking pass renewal
  • Passport expiration
  • Pet medical checkups and vaccinations
  • Public transportation pass renewal
  • Review of identity and other personal documents
  • School applications
  • Smoke alarm detector checks
  • Streaming service subscription changes
  • Tax and personal finance requirements
  • Travel-related vaccinations
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Visa and/or permit expiration
  • Website password expirations

If you have a daily or weekly calendar, it can be very useful to add some of these twice — once when something related to it must be scheduled, and once on the deadline itself. A few more minutes now can save frustration later, when 2019 is not so new!
Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS,  International Product Manager