Worldwide Pride

June is the month in which many countries uplift and celebrate the LGBTQ community. People travel from all over to visit some of these incredible and colorful celebrations. For assignees who belong to the LGBTQ community, Pride events can help connect them to the local scene as well as providing a way to have fun and show support for allies. Here are just a few of the notable events around the world.

  1. NYC Pride March

As the home of Stonewall, it is no surprise that New York goes all out for Pride. Both the Mets and Yankees throw Pride Nights, the public library offers a full slate of Pride-themed speakers and movie events, and it all culminates at the end of June with the NYC Pride March. This is the largest pride parade in the U.S., with over two million attendees in 2023.

  1. São Paulo Pride Parade

While two million seems like a huge crowd, it is dwarfed by the record-holding São Paulo Pride Parade, which has at times drawn more than five million revelers. For the most recent 2024 parade, marchers made a point of wearing the national colors of green and yellow to demonstrate that the LGBTQ community is a part of Brazil.

  1. Sydney Pride

Pride month takes place in winter for the southern hemisphere, but that doesn’t stop Sydney from scheduling events throughout the year. While if you want a parade you should visit in February for their summer event, Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, June has drag queen-led tours of the city’s history, a visual arts exhibition, and numerous indoor parties at hotels and bars.

  1. Madrid WorldPride

The largest pride parade in Europe, Madrid’s community has been marching since 1977. The parade has floats, performers, and more than two million attendees. Madrid’s pride march also sticks to its roots, with an emphasis on worldwide rights for the LGBTQ community in addition to joy and celebration; some still refer to it as a “demonstration” instead of a “parade.”

  1. Polar Pride

Perhaps one of the smallest but most unique pride celebrations takes place at Antarctica’s McMurdo station. In 2018 ten scientists collaborated in June to have the first official celebration on the continent. Now Polar Pride is observed every November (as there is more activity at the station during the summer months), meaning that Pride is something that is truly celebrated worldwide.

At Living Abroad, we provide information on not only the legal status and cultural attitudes of different countries towards the LGBTQ community but also links to any resources that can point your assignees in the direction of these events and the organizations that sponsor them. We know community is one of the most important aspects in a smooth relocation, and we are here to assist in your employees finding theirs.

Written by Kate Havas, GMS-T, Content Manager