Ask Me Anything: I Am A Living Abroad Content Team Member

Living Abroad’s Content Manager, Erin Fitzgerald, answers top-of-mind questions.

What is most enjoyable about your work, and what is most challenging?

Much of the time, these are the same things! My colleague Ellen Harris wrote a great post about what it’s like to research, develop, and write content at Living Abroad: What Is Good Content, and Why Should You Care?

What are you thinking about when you’re reviewing an article in a destination report?

  • What facts need to be updated?
  • What links need to be updated?
  • Which sections can be expanded and/or improved?
  • What other changes can I make that would help this article serve our users better?
  • How do these considerations affect other areas of the destination report?

How has the global pandemic affected your work?

Living Abroad was a remote workplace for a number of years before 2020, so very little changed internally — and usage of our reports and other products never stopped! However, the pandemic did present some brand new challenges. For example, rapid and frequent changes to health and immigration policies occurred in just about all of the destinations we cover, and often a few times over. Our team had to develop some new strategies to ensure that our clients and users got the information they needed, as soon as possible. Those strategies were so successful that we’re now using some of them to expand our coverage in other report topic areas, like LGBTQ resources and sustainability.

If I’m looking to support my employees with good content, what are some important questions to ask?

  • Is the information vetted for validity, reliability and authority?
  • Does the content provider have expertise in the specific, unique needs of your employees? In the case of Living Abroad, this means your corporate assignees, business travelers, their colleagues and families, and more.
  • Is the content provider highly knowledgeable about functions such as online writing and editing, content management, content strategy, design, and accessibility?
  • How receptive is the content provider to questions, comments, suggestions and other feedback?

Our content team is simply first-rate, bringing you the best and most relevant information for those moving or traveling abroad for business.


Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager