Who Doesn’t Need a Move Planner?

Whether we call it “chunking,” “kitchen sinking,” “microproductivity” or something else entirely, the evidence is clear: Breaking down an overwhelming project into manageable tasks can be an excellent way to reduce stress while still ensuring everything gets done.

Living Abroad’s International Move Planner is designed to do exactly that. The International Move Planner identifies all critical tasks of an international move, and spreads reminders out across an assignee’s schedule — providing detailed information every step of the way. This makes the tasks, and therefore the move, much easier to complete.

Registering for the International Move Planner is easy, and assignees quickly get a master list of move-related topics, prepopulated with tasks that are based on their destination . It’s also easy to customize the Move Planner with four simple options that further tailor it to their particular concerns.

Assignees can rearrange and reprioritize their International Move Planner tasks and can even add their own tasks! Here are three example tasks they should consider adding:

Task: “Arrange your additional healthcare consultations.”

Category: Health

Suggested priority: 4

While the International Move Planner will remind an assignee to arrange medical checkups, it’s very important to consider additional individual needs of family members. They may also need to schedule appointments with specialists, therapists, or other types of support services in preparation for the assignment. And even if there are excellent dentists in their destination country, they might consider including dental checkups — there will be plenty of things to keep them busy after their arrival!

Task: “Identify your specialty and preferred personal care items.”

Category: Goods

Suggested priority: 3

While cosmetics, toothpaste, and other commonplace personal care products may be readily available in a destination country, preferred brands or formulations can be much more challenging to find, expensive, or both. If so, assignees should consider how to address this. They may want to take a supply with them. If they do, they should check customs regulations to be sure the items on their “must-have” list will be allowed into the country. Local pharmacies and supermarkets may have websites where they can check product availability and pricing.

Task: “Address your technology and Internet-related changes and needs.”

Category: General

Suggested priority: 4

Before departure, assignees should identify all the online services to which they subscribe, and determine whether they’ll need to transfer, cancel, update, or make other changes. While this certainly includes cable, Internet, and mobile telephone providers, it can also mean media streaming, cloud storage, password and security services, e-media, and mobile phone application subscriptions. If they plan to bring smartwatches, gaming consoles or other Internet-reliant devices with them, it’ll be important to make sure those devices are compatible with services available in the destination country.

Assignees who integrate these and other personalized tasks into their International Move Planner can shift their focus onto completing all tasks in a thorough, manageable way — making all the other changes and challenges of an international move that much easier.


Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager