Laughter is the Key to Happiness

People need many things to succeed, like expert support and curated, trusted information. It’s easy to forget that self-care and even a little lightheartedness can also be important. But one national tourist board has been keeping this at the forefront.

Two summers ago, Iceland offered the world a valuable service. If you recorded a scream from anywhere in the world, it would be played in an idyllic Icelandic locationof your choosing.

While it’s unfortunate that this resource is no longer available, here’s some good news: several Icelandic horses are now helping vacationers tackle their out-of-office email messages via

This past weekend was a three-day holiday weekend in the USA, so I decided to give it a try! First, I had to select from one of several Icelandic horses. I chose Hrimner Fra Hvammi, a white horse with three enviable traits: “Assertive. Efficient. Shiny Hair.” Then, I filled out a short form with my name, email address, and return-to-office date.

I was presented not only with a message to paste into my autoreply, but also a video of Hrimner Fra Hvammi busily typing on a horse-sized keyboard!

I hope you get a chance to try this new service out for yourself. But if you’re not going on vacation anytime soon and would just like to see how Icelandic email “outhorsing” works, here’s a look!


Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager