Ways Around It

Recent world events have served as a reminder: it’s important to understand safety and security issues you might face before traveling abroad.

Monitoring news and advisories for your destination is crucial. A number of countries provide international travel information, and easy access to consulate and mission contact information, and available services for their citizens. Ten resources, from some of Living Abroad’s most accessed destination reports, are below:


Department of State: Travel advisories


Netherlands Worldwide: Travel advice

Website in Dutch

United Kingdom

Government UK: Foreign travel advice


Finland Abroad


Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs: Country files


Smartraveller: Destinations


Travel advice and advisories


Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Overseas safety information

Website in Japanese


Federal Department of Foreign Affairs: Traveling abroad

Bear in mind that some countries ban domestic media coverage of information the government deems sensitive. If you are in such a country, arrange for some way to receive information about immediate events – be it your embassy or mission, employer, or other methods.


Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager