New (School) Year Resolutions

Many cultures celebrate a new year at different times, and in different ways. But for many families throughout the globe, there is also another sort of new year to observe — the school year!

No matter what month your school year begins, here are some New Year resolutions to consider:

  1. Update the information kept on file at your child’s school.

It’s amazing what can change in twelve months. Health records, work telephone numbers, and email addresses are just several of the items to which a school office might need to refer, and might also be out-of-date.

  1. Check old obligations against new schedules.

Sometimes, we must make appointments weeks or even months in advance of knowing if they will coincide with team practice, drama rehearsals, or field trips. Taking a few moments to review your calendar now can catch conflicts before they happen later.

  1. Evaluate regular services.

Grocery delivery, telecommunications packages, musical instrument rental, transportation services, and even mobile telephone plans may offer more for less than they did a year ago. Compare and make changes, if necessary.

  1. Welcome back successful habits.

Think about what has worked during the school year in the past. A central location for coats and bags? A particular time of day for organizing papers or completing homework? Selecting clothes for the next day the evening before? When possible, restart your best practices before the first day.

  1. As with other types of new year, find opportunities to have fun.

A new school year can mean many changes and is often stressful. Even simple activities, such as meals, board games, or outdoor activities, can help ease transitions and allow family members to celebrate!

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Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager