Transforming Global Mobility: The Impact of the International Relocation Center

In a time of fast-paced global connections and high-tech AI advances, the task of moving employees effectively is more important than ever. It’s a familiar scenario: searching for accurate, comprehensive information to facilitate this process, only to be met with obstacles. This is where Living Abroad comes in. We haven’t just recognized these challenges – we’ve created an innovative solution.

Living Abroad is the global leader in providing detailed, country-specific relocation insights to Global Mobility Professionals, Corporate Relocation Service Companies and Corporate Travel Managers.

Time and budget constraints are universal hurdles in corporate relocation. These constraints often change what should be an exciting opportunity into a daunting task. Recognizing this, Living Abroad provides a unique approach.

Consider the journey of an American multinational consumer goods corporation, grappling with the relocation of 950 expats across 65 countries. Integrating the International Relocation Center (IRC) into their relocation process marked a turning point. The IRC not only broadened access to essential information for international business travelers and employees working globally but it also significantly enhanced the efficiency of global business operations and employee mobility. The result? A service that’s both cost-effective and highly valued by assignees and employees, demonstrating the power of the right resources.

Our service stands out because of our meticulous attention to every aspect of the relocation process. This includes managing major tasks like selecting the ideal international school for your children, as well as handling smaller, yet significant details, such as choosing a culturally-appropriate gift for your host. Our comprehensive support covers all these bases, distinguishing us in the field.

Imagine integrating the IRC into your mobility strategies. The impact – from streamlining processes to enhancing employee experiences – is not merely an aspiration; it’s an achievable reality, as evidenced by our clients’ experiences. The IRC does more than solve a problem; it redefines how global mobility is approached.

At Living Abroad, our commitment extends beyond providing a product line. We are dedicated to offering solutions that provide concrete, beneficial outcomes. If the quest for effective relocation resources has been a challenge for you, the International Relocation Center could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Experience firsthand how the IRC can change and improve your global mobility strategies for moving people and skills around the world. Take advantage of the opportunity to fine-tune your global mobility program.

Curious to learn more? We encourage you to take a closer look by visiting us at or by getting in touch through the Schedule your demo button. Our completely updated International Relocation Center is an innovative tool that you’ll want to explore!