Top 10 Best Countries for Expats

The beginning or end of a year is a time when you are sure to see lists such as the 10 most popular holiday gifts, the top 100 hits of the year, or the best New Year’s resolutions.  Some of these lists give us a condensed timeline to reflect on the passing year, others bring a promise of a new beginning.

Global mobility has many top 10 lists. Based on a survey, HSBC has just released their list of the top 10 best countries for expats:  Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Singapore, Austria, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Bahrain. The survey was contingent on ease of living, working and raising a family in their host country. Nearly 27,000 expats from 190 countries and territories participated.

What were the top 10 countries accessed by Living Abroad users during 2016? Our top 10 destinations were USA, Germany, UK, China, Canada, UAE, Singapore, India, Germany, and Australia. Living Abroad had more than 27,000 assignees, spouses/partners, and business travelers access the International Relocation Center (IRC) and read over 262,000 total pages of destination specific information. WOW!

Many of us in global mobility will be asking, “What can I do differently that will create the best results for the assignees, families and business travelers I support?”

For Living Abroad, our goal is always to provide the most current and in-depth information, and cover destinations that support expats around the globe.

What makes us unique? Our destination reports are written from a business perspective. Searching the Web for destination information results in a lot of travel sites, making it hard to find information specific to someone living and doing business in that particular country. Having access to Living Abroad’s IRC means all that time searching for answers can be channeled into business-related tasks for both your global mobility team and the assignee.

Useful country orientation, mass transit, driving, international school, and social and business customs are just a few of the topics covered in IRC reports. Now offering 194 destinations, we support many relocation programs around the world. With unlimited usage and ease of access, users are able to read up on the topic of interest or areas needing support from any electronic device, whenever they want.

Is this the year you will take advantage of our free demo? Click the orange get demo now link on this page, and see how we can support you, your relocation program, your assignees and their families, and all your business travelers.

We promise not to disappoint!

Written by Cathy Heyne, GMS-T – Managing Director, Living Abroad


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