Make Your Relocation As Easy As 1-2-3

What was the 12th thing you did to prepare for your last move?

Do you remember the first thing? How about the last thing?

If you haven’t moved in awhile – or are facing your first international move – would you know where to start?

What if you had a full, clear list of tasks to guide you? What if the tasks came with support information and links to help you get to your destination more easily? And what if you could customize it with a few simple clicks?

Tackling an international move involves both large chores and little details. Even if you have done it before, keeping it all straight – and allowing enough time for each – is a big job.

Let the International Move Planner (IMP) help you.

Newly redesigned, the IMP leads you through a complex process in a logical, customizable way.

* Select your move date and destination.

* Choose “traveling with” options to add a spouse/partner, child, pet, or vehicle.

* Your IMP lists only tasks pertinent to your move.

* Add as many tasks of your own as you like.

* View tasks online, on clean, printable webpages.

* View tasks in order of priority, so you can handle the most important things first.

* View tasks by category to focus on topics such as documents or family matters.

* Receive periodic email reminders about upcoming tasks.

* Click links for detailed information about certain topics, helping you click “Done” on your tasks more easily!

The IMP is one more way Living Abroad makes relocation easier. If you already have International Relocation Center access, find the Move Planner on your IRC homepage. If you’d like to learn more, click here for a free demo.

By the way, the 12th item on my IMP is one I added myself: “Call Hoover’s vet for required vaccinations.”

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, International Product Director, Living Abroad