Looks Like You Need…

These days, many of us would benefit from a good, therapeutic scream!  Fortunately, the country of Iceland has stepped up to the task.

Since travel remains limited throughout the globe, the website Looks Like You Need Iceland invites visitors to “let it out” virtually. Read through the tips for scream preparation, offered by Icelandic therapist Zoe Aston. Choose one of seven gorgeous Icelandic settings — which include a beach, a waterfall, and even a dormant volcano.  Press the yellow “Tap to Scream” button. (You’ll be told: “Please scream responsibly. The world is listening.”) If you give your browser permission to access your microphone, your scream will be recorded and played over a speaker in the actual location that you chose. And if it helps to know you are not alone, you can also listen to the screams of others around the world!

If the idea of visiting the location of your scream someday appeals to you, the website also offers information to help you plan an eventual trip, as well as the country’s current COVID-19 status and travel restrictions.

Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager