Looking Forward to Smooth Travels

Where is your next trip taking you? Are you traveling for business, or maybe planning a vacation? We all want the smoothest experience possible, despite a number of challenges this year.

High gas prices have everyone thinking carefully about road trips, especially in places like Hong Kong where gas costs nearly US$3 per liter — more than US$11 per gallon. In May, the global average was US$5.13 for a gallon of gas, according to GlobalPetrolPrices. More people are turning to electric vehicles or seeking out transportation like trains for trips within range of a railway system.

Apps and websites can do everything from telling us which petrol station has the cheapest gas to showing us different transportation options. For example, tools like Gas Buddy let you search gas prices by location or brand in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, while providing trip planning and cost estimates. New Zealand-based CombiTrip displays options for mass transit, rail, rideshare, and other choices to your destination, and provides a tool to check whether you need a visa for the trip.

Keeping track of current entry requirements and COVID restrictions is essential. Business travelers, check in with your company’s immigration resource. If you’re planning a trip on your own, consult the immigration authorities along your route and at your destination. Everyone should look into any COVID vaccine requirements and testing rules that may still be in place.

Air passengers are also encountering higher ticket prices and more cancellations due to staff shortages. Without enough pilots to fully restore all pre-pandemic routes, many airlines are changing their service options. Book early and be prepared for changes or delays. To help you avoid long security lines and the worst traffic, consider booking through a smaller airport that serves a major city. This can sometimes be less expensive, though you may have fewer flights to choose from.

Preparation and flexibility are more important than ever these days, and a little advance planning can help you save money and make travel more pleasant.


Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group