The Popularity of Podcasts

Did you know there are over 2+ million podcasts in the U.S.? The rise of podcasts stems mostly from their accessibility, availability, variety, and convenience. Not to mention that podcasts are free. Podcasts are something to enjoy while you’re doing something else that doesn’t require your full attention, and you might learn something, too.

An organization called Edison Research measures the relative audience size and demographics of the top 50 podcasts based on actual listening time. They have created the Podcast Consumer Tracking Report.  According to Edison Research, the number one show in the U.S. from Q2 2021 – Q1 2022 was The Joe Rogan Experience.

Given the sheer number of podcasts, it’s no surprise that there are many specifically for the global mobility industry. Here are our favorites:

  1. Expat Happy Hour
  2. Tandem Nomads
  3. Two Fat Expats
  4. Diesel & Clooney Unpack the World
  5. The Expat Cast
  6. The Expat Files: Living in Latin America
  7. The Empowered Expat Wife
  8. China Jedi – Shining Humour and Light on Chinese Life
  9. Meet the Expats
  10. Nomadtopia Radio

These podcasts are great for expats as they cover all aspects of a new move to another country and help with the settling-in process. Being an expat is more than surviving – it’s about thriving. Studies show that listening to narrative stories can help people feel involved, connected, and inspired.

These podcasts — and more — can be found in Living Abroad’s International Relocation Center.  Chocked full of useful resources and destination-specific information, Living Abroad is the most reliable and trusted source for all your assignees, their families, and business travelers. We have your back, and theirs, too!