Globally-minded resolutions

In many cultures, December and January mark a period in which people choose and make resolutions geared toward self-improvement. Here are three resolutions that globally mobile people and their families can make at any time of the year.


Identify what has changed, other than location.

During the excitement and stress of an international assignment, it can be challenging to notice other details that affect day-to-day life. But changes in health, finances, current events, service providers, legislation, technology, academics, and professional life, among others, can have profound effects on assignment success. Noting these changes from time to time can help families to adjust, and to plan.


Become more culturally agile.

Merely learning about the business practices of another culture is no longer sufficient for success. Employees who are globally mobile, or even just work in global teams, must learn about visible and invisible aspects of culture. They must also develop awareness of their own cultural preferences, and then work toward flexibility and understanding when speaking and listening to  others. Tools like Living Abroad’s Culture Coach Online provide this level of customized training at an employee’s convenience, anywhere in the world.


When visiting home, schedule time to truly relax.

Logistics, high expectations, and social obligations can make a blur out of travel to even the most familiar places. At the same time, periodic visits home, especially as the end of an assignment draws near, are important parts of a challenging process that is often overlooked: repatriation. It can be very tempting to see everyone and do everything at home. However, it’s important to develop the habit of thinking of your next destination in favorable and multipurpose ways.

Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, International Content Manager