Are you prepared? Five Posts on Preparedness

Strong earthquakes near Ridgecrest, CA, USA and near Athens, Greece earlier this month fortunately did not result in fatalities. However, they do serve as an important reminder of the necessity of emergency preparedness in any location, as well as regular reviews of plans that are in place.

Do you need to prepare for the unexpected?  Here’s a collection of Living Abroad blog posts that will help you make a great start:

Keeping Employees Safe
How to quickly find safety and emergency resources in Living Abroad’s own International Relocation Center.

What You Should Know: Emergency Readiness
Important tips for international assignees and business travelers alike.

Planning for Emergencies While Living Abroad
Key components to developing emergency plans for a variety of situations.

When the Ground Shakes Under Your Feet
Where to find some of the globe’s most comprehensive emergency preparedness and security alert websites.

Tips for Dramatic Winter Weather Challenges
Emergency preparedness is a necessity for all seasons.