Apps with lasting power!

In an era where new smartphone travel apps are released daily, sometimes the best usefulness indicator is how often one uses an app over time. Here are three apps I downloaded six months ago that have remained on my smartphone’s front screen:


Transit offers one of the most comprehensive ways to decide on the best travel route, and what transportation to use to get there. Entering one address provides a detailed list of nearby mass transportation routes and stops, as well as taxi and rideshare options. Entering two or more addresses offers all available travel options between them, with estimated journey times for each. As of this writing, Transit is available for 191 regions in 10 countries on four continents — a list of them is available here.


While primarily designed to support remote workers around the world, this is also a useful app for business travelers who need to find spaces that meet their needs. Searching by destination yields entries for cafes, libraries, workshare services and public spaces, which include photos and user-reported information about operating hours, Wi-Fi availability, cost when applicable, and even noise level. (A good complement to the Workfrom app is your preferred Internet service provider’s Wi-Fi hotspot finder app — as well as always remembering that public Wi-Fi connections can make your data more vulnerable.)


This app is invaluable for business travelers who drive within the United States. Do you know what you need when on an unfamiliar highway, but not where to find it? Search for a highway — or let iExit find you via your phone’s GPS — and you’ll be provided with a list of nearby notable destinations. These include gas stations (with current prices per gallon), restaurants, lodging, rest areas, medical services, shopping, and even just where to find a cup of coffee. If you are on a highway, your results will include exit names and even what’s available at upcoming rest stops.

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Living Abroad’s Global Business Travel Center 

Designed especially for business travelers, Living Abroad’s Global Business Travel Center works in all smartphone browsers. In just a few taps, you can quickly get what you need to maximize your global travel success. GBTC includes travel requirements, health and security information, transportation options, and key resources, as well as business and social customs for your destination.

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