7 Tips to Keep your Expats Happy!

Given all the stresses surrounding a relocation, what are some strategies to ease the strain on your relocating employees?

1.  Encourage research

Information has never been easier to access.  Make sure to recommend a reliable and trusted source for their pre-departure review.  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not considered trustworthy resources.

2.    Provide a look-see trip

If your company policy allows a trip, encourage them to visit.  Visiting the host country is one of the most important preparation steps for a successful move.

3.    Support reaching out

Concerns change dramatically from pre-departure to settling in after relocation.  Suggest they reach out to both the local people and contacts within the expat community.  

4.    Encourage neighborly behavior

Encourage them to get to know their neighbors.  At the very least, these people can inform them about amenities in and around the area.  Even more, they can assist with practical necessities and provide insight into local customs.

5.    Connect with clubs

Organizations can be a great way to make friends abroad, even for those who were not “joiners” back home.  Area clubs and organizations are often listed in local publications.  Often, the recommended country information resourceswill offer this information, too.

6.    Promote integration

Suggest they interact with the locals.  Native residents are often proud of their country, and love to share its details with new expats.  By learning from the locals, expats are able to develop their own perceptions about the country.  Making an effort to integrate rather than isolate will go a long way.

7.    Make it all add up

Use all the available resources.  Spur them on to absorb as much as they can from many directions.  By using a vetted country resource, mingling with the locals, and making friends of their neighbors and at local clubs, your expat will be well on his/her way to a happy and successful relocation!