Deciding on a Neighborhood

If you are a relocating employee, then you have a lot of decisions to make.  One of the most important is, “Where exactly do I want to live?” Local Bigwig, a group of experts in extended-stay furnished home rentals across the United States, understands the hassles and uncertainty that come with searching for a new home. Therefore, we would like to provide you with resources to simplify your search for the perfect home and neighborhood.

1. – Street Advisor allows you to search an entire city, neighborhood, or individual street for the perfect living location. It includes search parameters that can narrow down your choices including types of people (e.g., professionals, students, singles, tourists, etc.), average rental price ranges, “personality” (e.g., safe, peaceful, clean, tight-knit, etc.), and even nearby things to do. Great for helping you find your perfect neighborhood.

2. – Nabewise’s platform is a series of click-throughs that slowly helps you find your perfect neighborhood. It starts at the city level, and then allows you to identify multiple neighborhood qualities you would like. As you see your choices narrow in the site’s interactive design, you can click on one of the neighborhoods, and Nabewise will take you to a page that introduces you to the area and provides you with descriptions of life there. Very simple and easy to use, as well as informational.

3.– While this website is for paid subscribers, , it is very detailed in the information it provides.  It helps you locate great neighborhoods based on crime rate, commuting range, education quality of the area, and over 150 more programmable characteristics you can set by making a “neighborhood profile.”  This is truly an amazing service that makes searching for the absolute perfect neighborhood a breeze.

Once you have your neighborhood picked out, is an online platform that collects extended-term furnished apartment rental listings (stays for more than 30 days) that can help you find the perfect apartment to go along with that ideal neighborhood. Through our platform, you can search for a rental, contact the host, and book/pay for it online, expediting and simplifying the rental process.  If you are having trouble finding a home in your desired neighborhood, Local Bigwig offers an assistance service, where we search and provide you with listings we believe match your criteria.  It is booking made easy.

So have no fear! Your search for a new home and neighborhood is not a lonely one. Many avenues of assistance and support are at your fingertips. You just need to look. With that, we wish you the best of luck in all of your future apartment searches.