What’s in a date?

Today’s date is a palindrome here in the U.S., where we write December 1, 2021 numerically as 12.1.21. With the weight of the past 20 months, and the busy season ahead, I thought it would be nice this week to take a lighter look at some dates in December.

Everyone is familiar with Hanukkah, which normally falls entirely within December but this year began on November 28, which is as early as it can possibly start. Christmas Day on December 25 is perhaps the best-known holiday of the month. In some places, Christmas Eve is also observed as a holiday – especially this year with Christmas falling on a Saturday – and Boxing Day is observed on the 26th.

But did you know that December 3 is International Day for Persons with Disabilities? December 8 is Mother’s Day in Panama, where it is a public holiday that also falls on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. International Animal Rights Day falls on December 10, deliberately coinciding with the Universal Human Rights Declaration made on that date in 1948.

We also have Bartender Appreciation Day on December 3, International Ninja Day on the 5th, Chocolate-Covered Anything Day on the 16th, and Festivus on the 23rd. For more, check out these December public holidays around the world.

Getting back to palindromes: There are some clever, entertaining ones out there, including a particularly long palindrome from comedian Dmitri Martin and some shorter ones on the Grammarly website.

Whether it is word play or some other type of diversion, hopefully you and your traveling employees can take a break from the accumulated stresses of the year. December is typically a quieter month for moves, which is good because it tends to be a busy one personally. Take advantage of any lull in your business to regroup and recharge for the year ahead. Also, enjoy whatever time you may have with family and friends around the holidays. With vaccinations available and lifted travel restrictions, we’ve come a long way from 12.1.20.

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group