What can technology do?

Technology innovations, especially Apps, are rapidly filling the international business travel space.  And when you think about it, all our assignees are international business travelers by default. In fact, there are more than 20,000 business travel apps for iPhone and Android. They take the form of travel management, navigation and information.

Travel Management & Navigation:

You can easily keep track of your itinerary with Tripit Pro, find the best seats with seatguru, navigate through an airport and book ground transportation with uber, and hail and navigate local transit options with hopstop.


Aroundme shows what is close by where you are standing and could make your trip more interesting.  Lonely Planet and National Geographic have first class city guides for general travel, while DFA has Cultural Guides to go and Living Abroad is shortly launching our own App (go4biz.mobi) that helps business travelers be their most effective outside their home countries.

Everyday there seem to be more low-cost tools, and gradually these will become integrated to make getting around and getting familiar even easier for Travelers and Assignees…Now, if these apps could find housing, calculate tax, and navigate visas, they would be closer to helping assignees and HR.  Stay tuned to this spot, as you may not have to wait too long for these things to happen.