To the future and beyond

When the world came to a screeching halt in March, no one could imagine how our industry would change from one day to the next.  Yet as we moved into the summer months, we heard through many forums how companies were dealing with their assignee population.  It can be summed up best from Stephen C. McGarry, Director of Global Mobility at WPP, in his quote, “We’ve gone from the business of moving people to the business of planning to move people.”

In this vein, we thought long and hard about how we could add more value to the industry. Here are some offerings we’ve added to support global mobility professionals, as well as assignees and their families:

COVID-19 Resources

Advantage – With one click, users have access to a set of curated links to top global sources on the pandemic.

Cultural Questionnaire

Advantage – Users learn about their cultural work style by completing a short questionnaire and comparing their results to other countries.  During this planning phase, potential assignees can take the time to learn more about the new culture and how their business strengths and weaknesses will impact their new colleagues.

Google Translate

Advantage – Users can choose between 100+ languages.  Now, accompanying family members who do not speak or read English can access the information in the language of their choice, easing their sense of isolation.

Immigration Resources

Advantage – Save time sifting through changing immigration rules. Simply click on the real-time resources to get your questions answered on all topics’ immigration related.

Country Videos

Advantage – If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video is even better. Our new intro videos entice users to take a deeper dive into over 100+ articles, all specific to their new destination.

Living Abroad continues to vet and update all information contained in each report.  We can’t wait for 2021 and all the new innovations that are in store for you.  We will keep you posted!