Surface Skimming for Deep Value

By now you are probably very familiar with Living Abroad’s International Relocation Center (IRC). You know that you can find an incredibly wide range of information on a particular destination. Remember our previous article about taxi apps in Lagos, Nigeria, public Wi-Fi in Hong Kong, and postal delivery changes across Canada?
Delving into other topics, you know you’ll find country or city-specific details about language training, housing options, and local business style.
But did you also know that clicking just one button on the IRC homepage opens up a world of global resources? Check out our Best of the Web section for links, listings, and tools that are global in nature rather than destination-specific. Many people like to start here, especially if it’s their first assignment abroad or they are traveling to several destinations and want broader material.
For example, what if you plan to drive around Europe, either while on assignment or for extended business travel? You’ll find the local driving rules by country, provided here, in the “Transportation and Temporary Housing” section of Best of the Web.
What about currency exchange and handling money? The “Finances” section includes resources that help you convert and transfer money, check VAT and sales tax rates, and find ATMs or merchants accepting mobile payments along your route.
How about health issues abroad? Whether you are interested in vaccine entry requirements and advice or a country’s general health profile, the “Health” section contains valuable resources.
In fact, all of the Best of the Web topics – from worldwide organizations, education, and governments to media/communication, language, and family issues – hold a great deal of value. All without even scratching the surface of our detailed destination reports.
Try out a free demo of the IRC to view this and much more on 185 destinations and growing!
Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, International Product Director