Sometimes it’s the little things

We have all been experiencing some momentous events lately: Brexit, the U.S. election, and of course the ongoing pandemic and its effects around the globe.

At times like these, it’s more important than ever that Living Abroad delivers the most useful, current information to you and your employees.

Sometimes that means the sweeping changes that you gained in 2020:

– Every destination homepage revamped to bring you straight to relevant links detailing immigration changes and COVID-19 response.

– New Health Alert links at the top of every country’s “Health & Safety” section.

– Streamlined and enhanced “Passports & Visas” articles get you to the best authoritative sources in each country.

– Top global COVID-19 resources parked at the top of every page.

Meanwhile, micro-topics also continue to hold our attention. Whether it’s making sure we provide you with fresh country-specific Holiday Dates links every new year, reviewing trends on mobile payment apps in a given country, or introducing Diversity and Inclusion content — we’ve got you covered.

We also continually streamline and enhance our enormous bank of information, fine-tuning language and format so that it is most useful. Paying a great deal of attention to detail on our back end makes for a better overall experience for you.

With so many changes to how we live, work, and move people, rest assured that the Living Abroad team relies on our deep experience even as we work harder than ever to flex with the new normal and meet essential client needs.

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group​​​​​​