Resources You Can Use

Even with all of the information Living Abroad compiles for each of the destinations in our International Relocation Center, we look for ways to offer our users even more. Sometimes, whether they’re confirming a telephone number, checking up-to-date hours of operation, or seeing what a building they’ve never been to looks like, they just need the right resource.

That’s why you’ll find Country Resources in our global destination reports, and Local Resources in our U.S. city reports. Within all of our reports, Resources are the last header on the left.


The links in these categories are carefully selected for accuracy, authority, and accessibility. Here are just some of the questions we ask when evaluating a Resource:

Accuracy: Is the site updated at a frequency that is appropriate for its content, or is the information static and stale?

Authority: Is the site presented by a trusted expert, agency or organization? Is the goal of the website to provide information to those who need it, or just to sell a product?

Accessibility: Is the site easy to read? Is the site available in more than one language? Are there features our users might find disruptive, such as pop-up windows and embedded music?

For each listing, we include the site name, the actual URL, and what languages are directly available on it. Lastly we code the link to open in a new browser tab. We do this so that users can check out great resources without losing their place in the destination report!
Our work doesn’t end there, of course. There are many reasons why even the best website resource can change dramatically, move to a new domain or URL, or disappear. We keep a close eye on our current Resources, country and local…and we are always on the lookout for new ones. As our world continues to collectively think about how we share information online, the results just get better and better.

Written by Erin Fitsgerald, GMS, International ProductManager