New iPhone and iPad features for the Globally Mobile

The release of iOS 14 has brought many new features and capabilities to iPhone and iPad users. Features of particular interest to the globally mobile are expanded Maps features, and the new Apple app Translate. While translation apps have been available for mobile phones for some time, one that is native to the operating system is likely to become popular and familiar.

iOS 14 also offers the opportunity to simplify your home screen. Don’t remember which folder has the app you’re looking for? Swipe right, and there’s a page with a searchable index. This change means your home screen has just the widgets and resources you use the most.

Here’s one way to add direct access to a website, in this case Living Abroad’s International Relocation Center, to your iOS home screen:

  1. Open your subscription link on your iOS device, in Safari.
  2.  Choose the “Share” icon at the bottom, and scroll down.
  3.  Select “Add to Home Screen.

4.  Check out your indispensable resource, now just a tap away!

Android users can find similar options in their mobile browser menus.

Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Content Manager