With Living Abroad, you’re only a click away!

Living Abroad’s International Relocation Center (IRC) provides 185 up-to-date reports designed specifically for corporate assignees and business travelers. You will find detailed, easy-to-access information.

While it may seem daunting to have so much information at your fingertips, most answers are fewer than three clicks away. Here are five important answers from a country homepage in zero to one click!

1.    What time is it in the capital city right now?
A real-time clock on the destination’s capital appears in a small box near the top of the screen. Being aware of the local time is immensely helpful for determining ideal times to communicate with those places from your home location.

2.    Are there current health alerts for the destination?
Click on “Health Alerts” in News Across the Web, located on the far right. This opens the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web page for your destination, where you’ll find alerts, required vaccines, and even recommendations for what health items to pack.


3.    What will I need to know right after my plane lands?
Located just above News Across the Web in the right column are Quick Links, which cover some of the International Relocation Center’s most popular topics. One of these is “Arriving by air?” Clicking once will take you to an overview of the destination’s airports, which includes links to their websites, what amenities to expect, and how best to travel to the closest cities.


4.    How can I learn some key phrases in the destination’s official language?
On many country homepages, you’ll find an invitation to take an online lesson in the local language. Our partner, Mango Languages, creates language learning experiences that will help you jumpstart a successful stay in the host country.


5.    Where will I find articles that address particular concerns?
While many users prefer to use the topic headers in the left column of the International Relocation Center to find articles about specific topics, another option is to use the search field located below those topics. This is particularly helpful when you would like to see both destination-specific articles and articles from other parts of the International Relocation Center, such as our guide “Relocation Essentials.”

Written by Erin Fitzgerald, International Product Manager, Living Abroad