Is an International Assignment “just like traveling?”

Many expats get caught up in the romanticism of moving abroad, and then find that the day-to-day experience is not quite what they envisioned. It’s nearly impossible to live every day like it’s a vacation in an exotic new country, and some expats forget this.

Therefore, it’s important for HR to emphasize the value of these steps:

  • investing time in exploring new venues
  • meeting new people
  • establishing a regular routine of activities you enjoy
  • trying novel activities to maximize the experience of living in a new place
  • educating yourself on how best to accomplish daily tasks

Despite the demands of the job that prompted the relocation, it’s sometimes easy to forget that relocation is a new way of life and not an extended vacation. Often, all expats need is a reliable resource to help them get acclimated.

Living Abroad country reports offer all kinds of suggestions and articles to help acclimate to a new location. Expats can peruse a list of local clubs and organizations that can provide a taste of home or introduce a new interest. Articles like “Everyday Shopping” provide information on where to shop for food and clothing. You can even find the best way around your new city from the section called “Getting Around.”

For a glimpse into the detailed world of one of Living Abroad’s online country reports, simply click here.