How One Afternoon Can Lead to Assignment Success

While many of the tasks related to preparing for an international assignment take you out of your ordinary routine, some can be built into it. Here are four things you can do in one afternoon that might dramatically improve your relocation experience.

Go to the dentist.

Standards of dental care can vary widely around the world, and it’s important to be prepared. Even if there are excellent dentists in your destination country, there will be plenty of things to keep you busy after your arrival. A dental checkup before you leave might prevent an emergency, and will also allow you more time to research dentists in your new country.

Ask your physician or pharmacist to write down the generic names for your medications.

Brand names of medications can vary dramatically from country to country, and doing this will allow a pharmacy in your new country to make the appropriate match. This may also be a good time to obtain any necessary paperwork your new country requires regarding your medications, and to order a medical bracelet with information in the destination country’s language, if needed.

Get a copy of your corrective lens prescription.

Eye doctors should be able to provide a copy of your current prescription with short notice, and it can be very useful to have in your destination country when your glasses are broken, or you’ve lost a contact lens. Consider ordering a spare pair, prescription sunglasses, and any special solutions or eye medications that you might need.

Get extra passport photos.

Passport photos are useful for much more than passports! Many countries use them for permits, licenses, bank account applications, and academic files. By having passport photos already available in advance, you can cut a sometimes frustrating and tedious step out of various registration processes in your destination country.