Good resources are key!


Here are two recent additions to the International Relocation Center’s user resources:


What it is: The walkability of a neighborhood, town, or city is important to mobile professionals and their families for many reasons. When you enter a U.S. address on Walkscore, you’ll find its overall Walkscore — the higher the score, the more “walkable” it is. You’ll also see a map, nearby parks, local public transportation stops, and examples of available housing in the area.

Where it is: A link to Walkscore appears in the “Orientation” section of every U.S. city report in the International Relocation Center, in the topic “At a glance.”  The Walkscore link is also found in the USA report’s “Cities” article.

World Time Buddy

What it is: This tool is invaluable for anyone who travels, works, or communicates across multiple time zones. Adding locations to World Time Buddy generates a display that aligns on-site clock times, making it much easier to select appropriate times, or prepare for your own travel in another city. Use it to schedule meetings, or even just to keep all time differences on your team in one place.

Where it is: The International Relocation Center has a link to World Time Buddy in the Best of the Web area. You’ll find it in the “Facts and Figures” section, “World Maps and Time Zones” topic.