Free online language learning resources

Would you like to turn the time you spend on games like Angry Birds or QuizUp into mastery of a new language? Here are three free online language learning resources that are as just as much fun as they are educational.

Formats: Web, iPhone, Android
Learn: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian
Duolingo is often hailed as the very best free language learning app, and with good reason. You can progress through engaging reading, writing, and speaking lessons, while opening skill trees and accumulating points. Duolingo monitors your  performance closely, and adjusts your lesson content. There are also many opportunities, at all ability levels, to practice translate writing from elsewhere on the Internet. Users can also connect with each other within Duolingo, making it an excellent choice for friends and family with similar language learning goals.

BBC Languages:
Format: Web
Learn: 40 languages
BBC Languages offers such a wide range of learning resources that there is something for everyone. Users can evaluate which language is most appropriate for them to learn, and assess their current proficiency. Audio and video lessons are available, as are games and tests. BBC Languages also provides additional resource links, and the opportunity for learners to connect via Facebook.

Cat Academy:
Format: iPhone, Android coming soon
Learn: Spanish, more coming soon
Billing itself as “helping humans to be less dumb,” Cat Academy is the perfect choice for feline fans looking to polish their conversational Spanish. Key phrases are paired with cat photos that are adorable, funny, or both. Meanwhile, adaptive testing works behind the scenes to keep your learning at its optimum pace.