Everyday Carry: Is Your Daily Stuff Enough?

My EDC, from top left: (1) wallet (2) iPhone (3) notebook (4) keychain, includes penknife and pen.

As you go through your day, what is important for you to have on hand? When you leave your home each day, what do you take with you? Not everyone has the same answers to these questions. Is it time to evaluate yours?

“Everyday carry,” sometimes called “EDC” for short, refers to the items that individuals carry with them in order to support the tasks they complete in day-to-day life. Interest groups have sprung up, with members sharing lists and photos of their own EDC. While items such as keys and wallets are a near constant in EDC, the range of items still varies considerably. @everydaycarry on Twitter (https://twitter.com/everydaycarry) offers a stream of EDC photos from people around the world that include headphones, sunglasses, notebooks, knives, water bottles…and even those currently popular fidget spinners.

While it isn’t necessary to peruse hundreds of carefully arranged photos before deciding on your own ideal everyday carry, it can be worth asking yourself some questions. Do you typically carry things that you never use? Do you often find yourself wishing you had something with you? If your items travel within a bag or purse, is it a convenience or a hindrance? Do you or can you carry items with multiple functionalities, such as a smartphone with a flashlight feature?

Taking a few minutes to consider your daily habits can help you identify your own best EDC…which, in turn, might make you someday say: “I’m so glad I had that with me!”

Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, International Product Manager, Living Abroad