Don’t lose track of the small details!

Are you involved with your company’s global mobility program and the many moving parts that go with handling successful international relocations?  Busy mobility professionals know that it’s easy for small details to pass unnoticed until things stop running smoothly, especially with all the juggling of local security, healthcare, tax, visas, benefits, and insurance.

One of the key areas of support for an international relocation, no matter the length, is access to pre-departure information.  Another is in-country guidance.  Assignees need to become familiar with their host locations by having access to detailed country descriptions, as well as robust housing information, discussions on schools, and business etiquette and social customs.  They’ll be relieved to know more about their new destinations before they go, as they settle in, and when they do business.

How does providing destination-specific information to your assignees and business travelers benefit your company?

  1. Raises assignee & family confidence levels
  2. Protects your company’s talent investment
  3. Eliminates questions to HR through up-to-date and local destination descriptions
  4. Guides assignees through setting up home and doing business in new environments
  5. Increases potential for assignment success

Your globally mobile colleagues also need answers at their fingertips and often reach for their smartphones first.  Make sure the information they reach for is not only easily accessible but also vetted and targeted to business users.

With Living Abroad’s International Relocation Center, your assignees and business travelers will never be far from getting the information they need, when they need it, no matter where they are in the world!  Subscribe to the destinations you need – from 1 to 230 – with easy access from all mobile devices.

The best-prepared assignees are happy and productive, so equip them today for success in the future. Delivering on this takes time and research. Thousands of employees and their managers rely on the IRC, allowing users to focus on business goals and eliminating the distraction of random destination research. Informed employees stay happier on assignment, and are more likely to achieve their business goals.

We believe in giving you a proven solution that works time and time again!
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