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Living Abroad takes the stress out of your employee assignments and business travel by providing detailed solutions to obstacles and questions…even during the most complex relocations and business trips.

This year Living Abroad is proud to celebrate our 30th year of providing detailed, relevant, easy-to-read information for globally mobile employees and their families!

If you move employees around the globe or manage business travelers – or both – tap into our 30 years’ experience, a wealth of trusted information, and our exclusive suite of innovative tools that remove all the guesswork from your assignments.

Why use Living Abroad?

We have supported some of the largest corporations in the world and worked with over 75% of the Fortune 1000.  Our world-class content management team and network of in-country contacts ensure up-to-date, accurate information for you and your globally mobile employees.

Are your employees prepared for their new assignment or business trip?

Overseas business assignments are complex and expensive.  Easy access to quality information is key to making the move go smoothly, helping the family adjust, and knowing how to present a professional image in a foreign culture that reflects well on your company.

The International Relocation Center (IRC) delivers information, resources, and tools for expatriates and their families, international short-term assignees, and business travelers.  It features thousands of thoroughly researched, well-organized articles on local topics to prepare the businessperson for a successful professional and personal experience overseas.

Why is the IRC the best?

Easy navigation, logical layout, and the most comprehensive articles on living and doing business give world travelers the insight they need for successful overseas assignments.  We deliver essential preparation information, resources, and tools for expatriates and their families, short-term assignees, and business travelers.

What’s new?

The Culture Coach Online is our new, powerful cultural learning platform.  It is designed to prepare users to understand the impact of culture on business and personal relationships, and to learn how to improve their own cultural agility.  Users are guided along learning tracks customized for their topical and cultural needs. Your employees will learn how to better navigate social and business situations in a location, and how to adapt to other cultures with more ease. Most important, users will receive comprehensive insight into their own individual cultural preferences.

This is the only cultural learning platform that ties in the exact destination you need, marrying the International Relocation Center with online cultural training!

Advantages of working with us:

  1. 195 global destinations
  2. Location-specific information on moving, living, and doing business
  3. Web links to in-country resources
  4. One source for employees’ international relocations
  5. Professionally written for business use
  6. Comprehensive topics – including the most current issues
  7. Cultural learning for international relocation, business travel, and international teams

Help your employees achieve business success with Living Abroad’s world-class destination information and tools — the trusted source for world-class international information since 1987!
Written by Cathy Heyne, GMS-T – Managing Director