A Year in Reflection

‘Twas the week before New Year and all through the world
dreams of progress and hope for ’23 were unfurled.

While the past few years brought us news that was sober,
This year we gathered at ERC in October!

Our resilience, creativity, and optimism kept us hopin’…
With good reason: with time, most countries’ borders would open.

Such signs of recovery our stresses did ease; a
chance to work anywhere with a Digital Nomad Visa!

Nearly 50 countries now offer this perk.
How lovely to choose your location for work.

Just check with tax experts; on them place your reliance
to be sure that your company stays in compliance.

Having flexed and innovated as much as we’re able,
we’ve earned Global Mobility a seat at the table.

A good thing, since issues arise without relent:
Supply chain, inflation, and the war for talent.

Sustainability, DE&I, remote work –
Now’s not the time for anyone to shirk!

And yet…

Year-end is also a time for reflection.
To assess and step back, invite recollection.

And also to gather, be grateful and give
of ourselves and our talents to those where we live,

As well as to those beyond our home borders.
Of our own blessings, we are the recorders.

For the gifts you have shared, we stand and applaud,
and say Happy New Year from Living Abroad!


Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Team