A trusted resource

In this globally mobile world, information is an important resource. At the same time, a deluge of information is extremely overwhelming. Presenting carefully curated information in a simple, straightforward manner is key to ensuring a user will have what he or she needs to succeed.

The International Relocation Center’s topic structure is designed to anticipate assignee concerns, identify their questions, and provide answers in two clicks or fewer.

Here are some examples of concerns, questions, and first clicks in the IRC:

CONCERN:  Making good first impressions in all types of situations.

QUESTIONS: Whom should I greet? How much eye contact should I make? Should we shake hands, and how? What should I say?
FIRST CLICK: Social customs

CONCERN: Navigating online life, personally and professionally.

QUESTIONS: What do I need to think about when selecting digital devices to take with me?
Are long and short term Internet access options available? What everyday tasks can be completed with a mobile device? Do local customs affect digital communication?
FIRST CLICK: Getting connected

CONCERN: Choosing where to live.

QUESTIONS: What neighborhoods attract expatriates? Which ones offer amenities that are easy to access, and are close to schools? How far are they from the city center? What types of housing are available?
FIRST CLICKFinding a home

CONCERN: Getting the business.

QUESTIONS: What are business meetings like? Will there be an agenda? Is conversation about non-business matters important? What behaviors should I avoid? Can I expect decision-making to happen right then and there?
FIRST CLICK: Business practices

Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS – International Content Manager, Living Abroad