A Successful Adventure

I really enjoy working at Living Abroad, and I especially enjoy when I can put what we do every day to the test.

Recently, I arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (IATA code: LAX) for the first time. It’s the largest U.S. international airport on the West Coast, and served about 12 million passengers in January 2016 alone. My flight from New York City landed at 4pm. I was meeting some friends, also from out of town, at a café in downtown Los Angeles at 6:30pm. How would I arrive on time, in a city renowned for its traffic? I glanced out into the arrivals area, where seemingly hundreds of buses, vans, and cars – hundreds of options – whizzed by.

It was time to try out Living Abroad’s International Relocation Center for myself.

Many sections of the IRC are designed to help travelers who can plan as well as those who must make decisions quickly. I could have easily read the report ahead of time, and arranged my arrival transportation in advance. I could have even have created a customized version of the Los Angeles report, saved it as a PDF, and read it on the plane.

But that day, I wanted a real test of the report. After I collected my luggage, I opened my tablet. I went to the IRC website, chose “U.S.A. – Los Angeles” from the dropdown menu, and then “Public transportation.” Living Abroad will soon unveil a version of the IRC specifically designed to help travelers on the move find what they need even more quickly.

I skimmed the “Airport transportation” article, and quickly learned I had several options to get from LAX to my meeting. Rental cars, taxis and ridesharing services such as Uber are available at LAX. Had my flight been late, that would have been useful to know. Shuttles take passengers to the Los Angeles Metro, a good option for an earlier arrival. But was there an choice in between those, that would take me to a specific place other than a hotel? There was! Van shuttles take passengers from LAX to local destinations throughout the area. They’re readily available in the arrivals pick-up area, which is immediately outside from the baggage claim area. The wait for a shuttle is typically about fifteen minutes.

Soon enough, I was on board a van bound for downtown Los Angeles…and I was the first to arrive at the café. From LAX to downtown in less than two hours, paying the fare I wanted to pay. Test successful, and trip enjoyed!

Living Abroad’s International Relocation Center delivers detailed information on city-specific airport travel, as well as vital topics like visa requirements, housing, schools, finances, and social and business protocol in hundreds of locations worldwide. Access to this information can be linked to your travel partner and HR department. Empower both your business travelers and international assignees by keeping this info within easy reach!
Written by Erin Fitzgerald, GMS, Living Abroad-International Product Manager