What’s a cuppa around the world?

People everywhere seek refreshment and energy, often in a cup. Here are some ways to quench thirst and satisfy caffeine cravings, from around the globe.


In Kuwait is stronger and thicker than espresso, often flavored with cardamom, and usually served in small cups without handles. While sugar is offered, milk and cream are usually not.

Costa Rica is a major producer and exporter of coffee, and it is quite popular with locals and visitors alike.  Several coffee brands are prepared specifically for local use, and those are sometimes pre-sweetened.

Very sweet and strong coffee is common in Vietnam, and it is usually brewed French-drip style. Many foreigners prefer to dilute it with hot water.

Turkish coffee is a favorite in the Czech Republic. It often is presweetened, and there are usually grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Coffee in Greece is dark and strong. It can be ordered pikro – bitter, metrio – semi-sweet, gliko – sweet, or sketo -plain.


Very black tea is enjoyed throughout Egypt. It is usually served in glasses with a lot of sugar added.

Cha, a milky sweet tea, can be found everywhere in Bangladesh.

In Russia, many enjoy very dark tea served without milk.

Kenyan tea is served with lots of sugar, and brewed with loose tealeaves.

Tea is the most popular beverage in Taiwan. Choices are vast, and quality is excellent. It also tends to be high in caffeine, but herbal blends are available.

Neither coffee or tea: A drink that is enjoyed throughout South America is mate, from the yerba mate tree. High in caffeine, mate is served hot. It is often served with a silver straw, through which the brew is filtered. Considerable ritual can surrounds the drinking of mate, and it may be considered impolite to refuse a mate when one is offered.

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