What is Good Content, and Why Should You Care?

Everyone talks about content these days. It’s a word that defines everything from the shows in your TV channel package to the fine print on that airline e-ticket you just purchased.

In the global mobility world, content is what your colleagues, employees, and bosses are inundated with every day as they navigate their jobs. Good content is what helps them do their jobs better.

Here at Living Abroad, the Content Team is all about getting you the best information on a particular destination or topic. We know you’re busy. We understand that you just want to know whatever it is you need to relocate that assignee family, support that business traveler, or educate that worker doing business in a foreign culture.

When someone in your company needs to know about taking a car to Brazil, what housing leases to expect in Austria, or how to entertain business guests in Hong Kong, we’ve anticipated those questions and made the answers easy to find in the International Relocation Center (IRC).

On a daily basis, our team is responsible for this combination of anticipating your needs, listening to your questions, and delivering informative, well-organized organic content that helps you do your job better.

The world is wide, relocation topics are many, and no two assignees are the same. Given your need for information that covers all of that, finding good, reliable, comprehensive content is essential. One alternative is letting people fend for themselves, which wastes an enormous amount of time and promises no safeguards for accuracy. Another is resorting to material not specific to the globally mobile community. And while that may check a box, it does little to really provide targeted support to the people who need it.

On any given day, Living Abroad content managers may take a deep dive into a destination’s Internet situation to make sure our report reflects infrastructure, censorship, and identity safety issues that can affect how business is conducted.  Or we may speak with a subject matter expert, having a conversation that yields invaluable insights about what it is really like to live and do business there. You may find one of us checking links to the immigration authority, so that anyone looking to apply for a business visa has the right information, quickly.

And we don’t forget about the family. Our team also finds the school details, develops the housing area descriptions, and curates local dining links that help family members settle in.

Access to good information – or content – can be the difference between getting frantic calls from assignees, or not. It can be the difference in your email volume. It can also boost your confidence in the support you’re providing to the assignee, family members, business travelers, and others doing business in a global marketplace. This confidence, in turn, is one more way you show the people relying on you that you care.

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group