What do many expats forget to do?

Relocating internationally is a stressful experience with many moving parts. One of the things many people forget is how to plan their periods of relaxation and develop a social life. While your main focus will be on the job, working without fun and laughter can actually have a detrimental effect on your productivity.

Expat community

Almost every country in the world will have an expat community to tap into. We feel connected to those in the same situation and from the same country. Sharing memories of your favorite foods and celebrations will draw you together. Expat communities are a great way to ask for assistance or advice on any aspect of local life. Asking others what they enjoy doing in their new location is a great way to learn about your new home. Sharing memories of your favorite foods and celebrations from home will draw you together. The bonds that are formed will likely last for a lifetime.

Many expat communities have regular events where you can socialize and make new friends. Local pubs or clubs are often great places to meet others. In some locations, there is often enough interest to start some “foreign sports” events, such as karate, football, rugby, and basketball. Ask others if they are interested in activities that you enjoy. Chances are, you’ll find like-minded individuals to join you.

Socializing does not have to cost a lot

Some people feel guilty if they spend money socializing when they are supposed to be building up a nest egg for retirement. However, socializing does not always need to cost big money. Many interesting historical sites, museums, and natural landmarks are very inexpensive and give you a much needed break to recharge and relax.

Recharge with recreation

Working every hour can exhaust you and make you less productive at work — so have some fun!

Written by Cathy Heyne, Managing Director