Unlocking Success in International Relocation:  A Win-Win Solution

A note to Global Mobility Leaders, HR Professionals and Valued Relocation Service Providers:

Every day you navigate the complex world of international assignments while shouldering the responsibility for the seamless transition of expatriates and their families to new locations. You understand the long hours, the level of detailed planning, and the delicate balancing act required to make these assignments successful. While it might not always be visible to others, we recognize the immense efforts it requires, even when things don’t go as planned.

It’s no secret that the challenges can be many. Helping assignees adjust culturally, creating support systems, dealing with expatriate family concerns, and communicating clearly – all this coordination constitutes a heavy load. We understand that you may not receive recognition for your hard work and the burden that you bear.

But let’s look at the bigger picture:  the strategic contributions you bring to your organization. You’re not just managing logistics; you’re a key player in decision making, analyzing risks and optimizing the overall processes. Your role is vital for the business, and we believe it should be centered on what matters most.

Our International Relocation Center is tailor-made to address the challenges relocating employees face. We inform and prepare them with information that’s constantly updated and accessible 24/7, allowing them to acclimate at their own pace, in their own time, to their new location. Our mission is to minimize your disruptions and make the relocation experience a smoother and happier one. We provide valuable, curated information and support, so you’re freed from the endless demands

Imagine the possibilities. Successful and content expatriates, fully immersed in their new environment, lead to higher productivity, reduced turnover, and increased focus on the task at hand. As we handle the details, you gain the time and freedom to focus on what truly matters – the strategic aspects of your business. Your contributions and your insights won’t be overshadowed by the day-to-day whirlwind. It’s a win-win scenario that we make a reality for our clients every day..

So, to all the Global Mobility heroes, HR champions, and Relocation Service Provider warriors, we’re here to be your partner in this exciting journey. When we work together, we make international assignments not just successful but transformational. Your success is our success, and together we’ll continue to drive growth, support your organization, and have successful and happy expats.

With gratitude and a shared vision – Living Abroad

P.S. – Stay tuned…we have a BIG announcement coming in September!