The Sounds of Solace

When those of us in Global Mobility talk about “talent,” we normally mean a person with skills, aptitude, and experience particularly suited to a job or project.

But during the pandemic, we’ve discovered new ways to appreciate a different kind of talent. With performing arts venues closed, musicians, dancers, actors, and comedians have made their way from their homes into ours, via the small screens on our computers or phones.

Video collaborations have been sources of both calm and soaring beauty, like the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra performing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony or the New York Philharmonic’s performance of Boléro as a tribute to healthcare workers. The lovely “Raining on the Border,” by the globally-mobile band The Troubadours, was composed as a project to instill relaxation in its musicians as well as listeners.

Professional musicians have popped up in the unlikeliest of places. American actor John Krasinski surprised a little girl — who’d been disappointed that her long-awaited Hamilton performance was cancelled – with the Broadway cast serenading her with the title number from their homes. See the SGN (Some Good News) link, at the 8:27 mark.

Now that things are opening up in some countries, residents may once again venture out to public performances. Outdoor venues will open first, especially those suited to groups that have space to spread out. Indoor venues have a bigger challenge to keep performers, staff, and patrons safe.

People in countries that are “open” now have a better chance of seeing some live performances. For example, Sweden’s stunning natural outdoor arena, Dalhalla, starts its summer of performances in July. Reykjavik Iceland’s Harpa concert hall is open for a range of music and other acts.  In Seoul, South Korea, there are shows and musicals happening at various venues around the city.

Of course, while these events are accessible to residents, there may still be border issues for travelers and regulations are subject to change. Check with the appropriate authorities before booking travel to any of these locations.

By the way, you will find these links in our Sweden, Iceland, and Korea reports, for your easy reference when the time is right for you to attend public gatherings again.

Meanwhile, those of us who are still in some degree of shut down are counting the small steps toward healthy freedoms with gratitude and hope.

Stay well!

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group