The Significance of Face-to-Face

It’s conference season in the global mobility industry and anticipation is building for the biggest symposium to be held in Boston next week, hosted by Worldwide ERC. Living Abroad is thrilled to be part of this event, and we eagerly anticipate the prospect of meeting many of you there!

What I enjoy most about the conference is the invaluable face-to-face interaction with fellow attendees that you can’t get virtually.

In-person meetings have many advantages:

  • Building trust: Meeting someone in-person for the first time or maybe reconnecting after several months allows for a more authentic and human connection, which is often difficult to establish virtually.
  • Non-verbal cues: A large part of communication is non-verbal, including body language, facial expression, and tone of voice. In-person meeting allow others to pick up on these cues leading to a more accurate understand of the other’s thoughts and feelings.
  • Better communication: In-person meetings can enhance the overall understanding of the topics discussed through questions and immediate responses.
  • Networking opportunities: These opportunities often take place in a more relaxed setting, which leads to informal conversations, relationship building, and exploring potential collaboration.
  • Cultural understanding: Global Mobility conferences attract attendees from many parts of the world. Meeting face to face allows for a better understanding of cultural nuances.
  • Personal connection: Personal relationships are often strengthened by meeting in person. Sharing meals, engaging in small talk, and small casual interactions contribute to a more positive and enduring business relationship.

Despite the advancements in virtual communication technology, the advantages of in-person meetings are still immensely valuable. I encourage you to drop by the Living Abroad kiosk, introduce yourself, see what’s new, and perhaps join in the Moose Passport Contest. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to make your acquaintance—in person!