The Night before New Year

‘Twas the night before Year End and all through the land
Applause for the New Year: “Let’s give it a hand!”

“We’re done with 2020. We’re rife with fatigue.”
And yet. We all stepped up, performed out of our league.

We dealt with shutdowns, in place for everyone’s sake
As the world struggled through the pandemic outbreak.

Moves ground to a halt, in the East and the West.
We located our people, made sure they could rest,

Secure in the knowledge that we would be there
To ease their concerns, provide duty of care.

Our offices closed to limit the damage
The virus could cause, and to help healers manage

The terrible toll, as we all got a grip
On the possible treatments: a Remdesivir drip?

Meanwhile, home desks became mini command centers.
Aiding others at their homes, whether owners or renters.

Not one among us has had time to be lax.
We got up to speed quickly on immigration and tax,

On which borders opened, and which had just closed,
And watched as the number of Zoom invites rose!

All our homes have been like an open book.
On video, pets and kids on display for a look

By curious colleagues and friends from afar
Who we might see, during normal times, at a bar.

But did all of this break us? Oh no, it did not!
For we all are much stronger than ever we thought.

You could say we’re better, more creative, and kinder.
“We’re all in this together” was a constant reminder

That throughout the whole world as the year was unfolding
There were people in need, whose hands needed holding.

In stripping away entertainment and travel
You might guess our psyches would completely unravel.

And while it’s true that a life boiled down to essentials
Might seem to be lacking in certain potential

It also is true that this challenging year
Has tended to spotlight that which we hold dear.

And so, at the end of this year that’s so flawed
Wishes for peace and joy come from Living Abroad!

Written by Ellen Harris, GMS, Product Manager, Content Group