Simplifying International Travel   

Whether you’re relocating your family a world away or taking a two-week business trip, wouldn’t you like to make your travel as simple as possible?

Here are some ways a subscription to the International Relocation Center (IRC) can help you do just that:

  1. For those facing a full relocation, use the Move Planner. This tool shows you a detailed, organized list of tasks that you can customize, sort, print, and view in any length you choose. You can also get email reminders when upcoming action is required or to deliver some useful IRC info.


  1. For the bulk of your relocation support content, you’ll choose your destination in the drop-down menu. Once in your report, open News Across the Web for quick access to health, headlines, currency calculator, weather, and holiday calendar. Right on the home page, these links inform you of any health issues and vaccines, remind you of the exchange rate, prepare you for weather, and help you plan meetings with the holiday calendar.


  1. Not sure where to find something? Search for it using the tool in the upper right. IRC content is organized and chronological, based on the flow of a typical relocation. But if you need to find something fast, the Search feature will speed you a list of all the places your topic is mentioned.



  1. Going on a shorter trip? Select Business Travel on the IRC homepage to get all the country-specific information you need, and none that you don’t. You’ll still find those helpful weather and currency links, along with descriptions of the business protocol and social customs that will help make your trip a success.


  1. Do you prefer to read an offline PDF, or want to share a paper copy with someone else?  Use the Print Report button in the top right. The Print function lets you print everything or make your own selections to create a custom report. Either way, it’s quick and easy, and you’ll have your desired information in hand.

These tips just scratch the surface of all the time you’ll save when you let the IRC help you. Prepare for business meetings, acquaint yourself with your host country, know what visa or permit you’ll need, find housing, choose a school, set up banking, learn how to get around and how to shop, how to stay healthy and what to eat. Whether you skim across the top layer of info or take a deep dive, your IRC exists to make your travel easier.